Presentation / Synopsis

 Four characters wake up in a white room, around a man introducing himself as the Evaluator. They’ve been gathered as subjects in a so-called ‘Turing test’ – a 30 to 60-minute test to determine if they are humans, or artificial intelligences.

The four characters – Anne, an editorial assistant, poetry specialist and a writer herself; Bernard, a slightly obsessive computer scientist; Chloé, a young, fanciful woman; and David, a common man and a jack of all trades – go through the motions of the test, starting by introducing themselves, and telling recent experiences to prove they are human.

As they learn more about each other, anomalies emerge in their stories, suggesting that some of them might indeed be less – or more – than they initially seemed. The Evaluator’s real motives and identity finally appear, when they cross-reference each other.

Turing is a reflection on how artificial intelligence could help us understand what is consciousness and identity.


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